Birthday Party

We have birthday party specially for your kid. We will provide a venue for your kid and guest who can come to enjoy our nerf service and have great time gathering. Speical and long party time 4 hours 30 min. Birthday banner, signature clothing, magic show, twisting balloon, pop corn car, independent play area for nerf gun playing, independent gathering area (max. 50 partipicant). For more and detail information, please see the following plan. If you have any question, please call our hotline 81016988.

Nerf Gun Birthday Party Program
Nerf Gun, Bullet and Goggles
Independent nerf play area
Independent party area (max. 50 participant)
Long party time for 4 hours 30 min.
Venue decoration such as birthday flag balloon
Happy Birthday balloon
14 inches birthday number
Paper cups and dishes
MC for birthday party and guide the nerf game
Big banner 1 x 3 m
Invitation card (email card – venue standard)
Provide 5 hours free parking (only one parking space)
Please advance your license plate number first, we will notify to the management office.
Price: Mon to Thu HKD 5200 Saturday or public holiday HKD 5800(15 participant min.).
Extra participant cost HKD 300.00 / each.
P.S: Participant mean the nerf gun participant. No cost for guest. Our venus max 50 particiapnt and guest
1) Must resveration a month before.

2) Participant age 6 years old or above.

3) Time slot: Mon to Sun (Slot A: 9.30 – 14.00 or Slot B: 14.30 – 19.00)

Additional Program
Magic show and twisting balloon 1.5 hours HKD 2,200
Party photo service 2 hours (200-250 p) HKD 2,200
Pop corn car (95*41*155 CM) HKD 1,500
Cotton candy car (75*52*115 CM) HKD 1,500
Pop corn & cotton candy car (2.5 hours) HKD 2,200

Birthday Party Hightlighs