About Us

Shootingworkshop(SWS) is the major companies and organizations, community centers, youth centers and schools to organize a day or half-day leadership and teamwork training courses. From the joy of the game, to help participants self-understanding, shaping and discoverinherent leadership qualities, and hope that through game design(CQB). Inspired participants to increase self-confidence to face challenges. Through among the group activities, mentoring studentsunderstanding of communication and cooperation skills,organizational ability of the Sub-cooperation to face the suddencrisis management, leadership skills, increase communicationbetween people. Mutual discussion, action and implement the teambuilding of cooperation.

The venue is an indoor CQB games. CQB write down the fullCLOSE QUARTERS BATTLE (indoor close combat) and generalWARGAME play broadly similar, but the battle closer to more exciting. CQB and outdoor WARGAME the biggest difference is theimitation of an indoor scene dominated our scene room, hall,labyrinth, massage rooms, warehouses, dangerous warehouses,prisons ….. and so on. multiple simulation scenarios, an increase indegrees, the game, the game will also add lighting effects,background music and blow smoke to enhance the tension.


  • An area of ​​more than 30,000 feet, enough to accommodate 80people, full air-conditioned, indoor venues from the wind and rain.
  • The second floor of the theater for a varied format, each field canchange the different partitions (such as to the duty tutor)
  • With flash effects, smoke effects, background music to increasethe excitement
  • Site-in-residence additional professional instructors, to provide customers with the best service, and more in-depth experienceCQB fun.
  • Every two weeks will be slightly change, offer theguests a different freshness
  • Has a CQB Rifle Shooting, the IPSC, electric airsoft maintenance and other programs