Leadership training program half day / one day

S.W.S. organizes one or half-day teamwork and leadership training courses (Team Building) for major corporate organizations, community centers, youth centers and schools. At present, it has served more than 600 groups and companies (please refer to the list attached on this page). From the joyful game, help participants understand themselves, shape and explore the quality of inner leaders, and hope to pass the design (CQB) game of this field. Participants in the fat increase confidence and face challenges. The group activities in the book also help train students to understand the skills of communication and cooperation, the ability of group cooperation and organization, to deal with sudden crises, to display leadership skills, and to increase communication between people. Discuss each other and practice teamwork with action. The average teacher-student ratio of professional instructors at the venue is 1:10. We also have experience in serving students with special learning needs (autism & underfocus / hyperactivity disorder)



-Highly coordinate with the organizer: Whether the company’s annual event or small group event requires special arrangements or includes venue use or transportation and lunch arrangements. We will try our best to cooperate with the organizer

-Available for all ages: whether it is the integration of young and old, or internal activities carried out by new and old employees. From children to youth to elders, we are our guests. Our team also has experience in serving people with special needs. Happy, regardless of age

-Games can be tailor-made: targeted games can be designed according to the goals of the organization and the actual situation and problems of the team

* Welcome to inquire and negotiate the preparation of relevant activity plans or request quotations from Hong Kong and domestic and foreign organizations, please email to: [email protected] or call 8101 6988


Target participants: Social welfare organizations, school-running groups, companies, etc. (Anyone over 5 years old can participate, and activities and equipment can be selected according to age)

Number of people: 15-150 people (Minimum charge for half-day activities is 15 ppl; minimum charge for one day is 25 ppl)