Shooting Workshop

A safe, fun and exciting indoor War Game.

Provides Airsoft, Nerf Gun and Jelly Gun shooting activities and experiences.

Birthday Party Venue. Team Building Venue.


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About Us

The venue covers an area of ​​30,000 square feet and is divided into 4 game zones with different themes to accommodate players with different interests. Airsoft, Nerf Gun and Jelly Gun shooting activities and experiences are available. Team Building is also provided. Training program and Birthday Party venue.

War zones include:
• Zone A Oil Barrel Array
• Zone B Mount Davis
• Zone C Container Yard
• Zone D Magic Forest

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More than 30,000 square feet of indoor space

Party area can accommodate 150 people with air-conditioned and the indoor venue is not affected by bad weather.

Warzone layout is regularly updated

Warzone layout is regularly updated to change pattern. In order to let every player who comes to play have a refreshing feeling every time.

Real presence

Equipped with flash, LED light, projection and smoke effects, and BGM to increase excitement.

Theme party venue

The venue can accommodate 50 people. Choosing Kids' Jelly Gun or Nerf Gun to give your children a happy and joyful birthday party.

Professional Team Building Training

Serving more than 500 schools, social welfare groups, and companies. Provide professional leadership training programs.


In a compact indoor CQB, 4 warzones provide different scenes and mechanisms, allowing players to think and change their plans in real time, choose team tactics, make personal breakthroughs, and even engage in collective rebuttals between the two sides.

We provide different props so that players can have more diverse ways of playing.

The minimum number of people in a group is 6. During the game, each group will have an independent war zone to use, and there is no need to wait for admission.

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Nerf Gun

Nerf gun are suitable for children over 6 years old to help you train your children’s physical fitness, willpower and concentration. Nerf gun provides painless shooting. Adults and children can play together, which is a good opportunity for parent-child activities.

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Jelly Gun

It is suitable for adults and children to play with jelly guns. It is exciting and fun without leaving any skin scars, and you can experience the excitement of War Game. When the jelly bullets hit, it will turn into powder and will not wet clothes.

A kid’s version of jelly gun is also available, so children can shoot it at close range without pain.

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Training Courses

SWS provides half-day or one-day team building and leadership training courses for major companies, social welfare organizations, youth groups and schools. Currently, it has served more than 500 groups and companies.

Through intense and exciting CQB field training, we help students understand themselves, shape and explore their inner leadership qualities. The group training in the book also guides students to use communication skills, group cooperation and organizational skills to display leadership skills and practice teamwork spirit when facing sudden crises.

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Birthday Party

We arrange a special and unforgettable birthday party for children, and provide independent party areas and war zones to hold birthday party, so that children can enjoy Nerf Gun / Kid’s Jelly Guns, celebrate birthdays with friends, and parents can also take the opportunity to socialize.

In addition, different charging items and private Birthday Party booking services are provided.

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Flash Airsoft Shooting

In addition to playing against friends, you can also enjoy target shooting by yourself!

You can form a group with just 1 person, please call us today for enquiries.

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