Warzone introduction:

The venue covers an area of ​​30,000 square feet. In order to cater to players with different interests, it is divided into 4 warzones with different themes. The warzones are from Zone A to Zone D. We have tried our best to integrate various scenarios and gameplay into Zone A, B, C, and D, hoping to meet the requirements of different players. Players can use team tactics, individual assaults, or collective refutations, or they can also do it in our venues. Experience it.

Zone A-Oil Barrel Array

By arranging and placing the oil barrels, we can provide players with the most open area warzone or the densest cover layout. The venue is equipped with neon spotlights, projectors and fog screen machines, combined with sound effects, to enhance the sense of reality and science fiction in the war zone. There is also a large area of ​​acrylic outside the venue, and parents can watch their children play from the lounge.

Zone B-Mount Davis

There is a climbing frame in the warzone, allowing players to ambush and fight on the upper level. There is also a 1:2 tank device, allowing children to enter the tank and hide.

Zone C-Container Yard

It is a container yard theme with specially designed stairs for players to climb onto the containers to compete with their friends on the ground. There is also a high-speed slide that adults and children can slide down quickly. It has been well received and must be experienced. Some areas are close to the windows, making the battlefield different between day and night, and the war zone at night is more exciting.

Zone D-Magic Forest

Tropical rainforest theme, the largest warzone in SWS. A warzone composed of vines, forests, and secret rooms. Most areas are quite bright, suitable for all participants. Those who are afraid of the dark but want to take risks in the sunbathing

Lounge Introduce

Venue Facilities (Additional Charges for Some Items)